Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using the same Domain in several databases
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:27 PM 31/10/2004 +0800, you wrote:

>If I want to use the same Domain in several databases, eg a domain named
>"Boolean", how can I do this without redefining it each time in each db.
>Is there soemthing like an "include" file in which I can define "common"
>(across multiple DB's) and then "include" that "file" when I create a new

You create (and self-document) SQL databases with DDL scripts (a.k.a.
schema scripts). You can "chain" or "nest" multiple scripts together using
the INPUT command. So, if you have "boilerplate" things that you want to
include, such as domain definitions, UDF declarations, even standard
database create parameters, you put them in separate scripts in your
developer toolbox and "include" them by making an INPUT statement at the
appropriate spot in your main script.

You'll find some documentation for scripting in the chapter on ISQL in the
IB6 beta doc OpGuide.pdf (the easiest way to find a site where you can
download this is to Google the file name).