Subject Re: [firebird-support] delphi code or dll called in sql scripts
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:30 PM 29/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I am sure I read an article about the inclusion of, or the ability to
>call delphi code or (Delphi created) dll called in (Firebird) sql
>Is this correct

As explained earlier, a script is just a batch of SQL statements in a text
file. It is typically a "run-once" thing, that you use to create a
database and its objects.

Delphi components are available that implement a Script object. For
example, IB Objects has a TIB_Script component. Besides DDL (data
definition, as described above), IBO can use a TIB_Script to store a series
of local client calls to stored procedures and install it in a Service
Application to do utility-type things like replication.

SQL applications in Delphi are written in Delphi, just as SQL applications
in Python are written in Python, SQL applications in Java are written in
Java, and so on. Each language implements its own way of enabling the
passing of SQL requests to the server and managing the results.

>and if so where can I find out more about this?

I'm not sure what you're looking for...but you can visit the
Downloads|contributed section at Under "Contributed
Components" you'll find a long list of the various data access component
libraries that you can use for connecting Delphi applications to Firebird

Or you could just jump straight there:

As Alan McDonald mentioned, you can use Delphi to write UDFs - user-defined
functions or, more correctly external functions. You can use these in
statements and stored procedures, but they aren't available in scripts,
except as part of an SQL statement, of course. UDFs aren't programs or
scripts, in any sense - they are dynamically-loadable functions that
operate on an input value and return a result (like a Delphi function).