Subject Re: [firebird-support] CommitRetaining
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If you "commit retaining" and later "rollback", your transaction will only undo the changes made
since the commit. If you "rollback retaining", your changes since the last commit (or since the
beginning of the transaction if you've never committed) are undone, and your transaction "sees"
what it did when you started it. "retaining" affects your isolation level; you can commit a
transaction and then perform further actions without seeing recently-committed changes from other
transactions, you can rollback a transaction and try again also without seeing recently-committed
changes (as if you hadn't used the transaction at all, and had it just sitting open for a while.)


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Subject: [firebird-support] CommitRetaining

> "Call CommitRetaining to permanently store to the database server all
> updates, insertions, and deletions of data associated with the current
> transaction and then retain the transaction context."
> What does this mean? What happens on a rollback?
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