Subject Re: Integer & varchar Concatenation
Author mohamed_banaouas
the error message is:
arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
-Cannot transliterate character between character sets

I tested again and it does not work in this example:
select 1||'chèque' from rdb$database;

yes, it works when I cast but it works fine under IB6.
It's a classic implicit cast usually accepted ...


--- In, Jonathan Neve <jonathan@m...>
> mohamed_banaouas wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I'm facing a strange behavour from Firebird 1.5:
> >It's about using Concatenation opérator (||) when used with combined
> >types, integer and varchar. The varchar contains "accentuated"
> >characters (à,é, etc. ...). My database is based on ANSI_CHARSET
> >
> >this works fine:
> >Select 1 || ' Chèque' from rdb$database
> >
> >BUT this does not work
> >Select * From SP_PIPE(1,' Chèque');
> >
> >
> What's the error message?
> Also, does it work if you manually cast the integer as a varchar?
> Jonathan Neve.