Subject RE: [firebird-support] IBExpert - Character set - collate
Author Alan McDonald
> No doubt I will eventually get to read all about this, but for now (as
> a newbie) can you tell me if I need to specify values for these table
> parameters charset and collate, (at least when creating a new table
> using IBExperts).
> Also "computed source" and "default source" are they references to
> another table, fixed value a formula or perhaps any of these choices.
> Kind regards
> Peter

If you are using only english and have no need to make your database
language specific, then you can just set NONE to charset. Only where you are
using encrypted field content might you need Unicode charset.
default soure os the defuilat value you want to set a column e.g. 'NOW' or 0
for an integer field etc.
Computed source refers to columns you are setting up as a clculated column
dependent on other columns' contents.