Subject Re: converting from Flashfiler to Firebird
Author Peter
Hi Holger

--- In, hklemt@y... wrote:
> > To import the data do I have to use something like FF > csv >
> > Firebird?
> for importing data from csv files have a look at the insertex
> in ibexpert documentation

I will have a look at that. AT this time there *may* be a simpler way
(I hope), I am still investigating another *tool* that will work with
Flashfiler - well with a dataset and at least obtain the structure,
then your insertex will import the data :D

I MUST say that IBExpert (I have only the pesronal edition) is THE
BEST *utility* that I have ever seen, for any database. In fact I am
very imppressed with the overall layout and ease of use.

For a database creator/editor etc, etc, and for handling many of the
db complexities and features, IBExpert handles it all with ease yet
still presents a simple and understandable view of the task being

There are VERY few programs around these days that impress me. So many
are just a "run of the mill" approach or a "me too" creation. When I
am impressed, "I AM IMPRESSED", I like to let the creators AND other
know (so all you "others" check it out :D).

I would also say that my interest in FB increased dramatically after
seeing/using (albeit briefly) IBExpert.

Thanks for the advice and thanks again for IBExpert, such a *great*
tool :D

Kind regards