Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird using ibx
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We use IBX in Builder5 with FB1.5 (also FB1.0 and IB6) and haven't had any trouble except for
forgetting to update our drivers when switching versions of FB (which caused some odd cpu-usage on
the server.) The IBX components will be okay, but don't forget to update GDS32 and whatnot,
particularly if Delphi 6 comes with any sort of updated IB7 drivers?


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From: Tim <tim@...>
> >Can I use an IBX component if i'm using firebird server for my
> >application? If no, is there any free or open source 3rd party
> >component for delphi 6 to connect directly to the firebird.
> I use IBX with Delphi 5 and FB 1.5 (as well as earlier versions if FB and
> IB 6) extensively and it works very well.
> Regards
> Tim
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