Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Silly but necessary question
Author Daniel Jimenez
> Daniel,
> If you are feeling like an adventure, you could write a UDF
> that connected to the second database using IBX. You would
> pass the fields in the local database associated with the
> contraint to the UDF, and it would check the constraint
> against the second (or third,
> etc) database and return a boolean.
> There is a learning curve associated with writing a UDF, and
> you would probably have to pass everything by descripter (to
> handle nulls in your UDF), but they can be written pretty
> quickly in Delphi.
> If you do follow this route be very careful about error
> handling in your UDF, you can easily take out the entire
> server from a bad UDF.
> You will also probably want to keep the connection to the
> second database open inside the UDF dll to avoid the overhead
> of all the connects.
> Dean
If you have any help material you can refer me to I would appreciated very

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