Subject Re: TcpRemoteBufferSize
Author gbehnke2000

unfortunately i would say no. I think the only way is using a own
replication in combination with a App-Server. If you must only
replicate to one direction (e.g. from Server to the client) then it's
not to hard to do. As App-Server you can also use MIDAS from Borland
or DCOM from M$. We maked seperate Tests about the speed between the
seperate technologies and for us with the following results using a
mobile phone with a max. speed of 9600 b/s:

CORBA was the slowest followed by MIDAS which is much more faster and
nearly the same as the fastest one which is DCOM, if you use the COM-
Technology for the MIDAS Object. ASTA-Technologie works directly with
sockets without the "i'm a life" messages which will be send
typically from objects and its therefore the fastest one. Please,
this comparison was only done for the speed not for load balancing
availability, security, platform independence etc. Therefore there
are some reasons for the users to use CORBA or DCOM in conjunction
with MTS etc.

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--- In, guido.klapperich@t... wrote:
> > Therefore in your case what do you think about writing a own
> > replicator ?
> That's too expensive both in time and costs. A possible solution
could be a
> application server, that's transparent to IBReplicator like
ZeBeDee. The
> architecture then looks like
> FB-Server on Laptop --- IBReplicator --- AppClient --- Intenet ---
> AppServer --- FB-Server in company
> Do you know, if this is possible?
> Regards
> Guido