Subject Re: [firebird-support] unavailable database error (again?)
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:04 AM 26/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>Hi from a new FB user
>I am attempting to use Delphi 5 with Firebird 1.5. I used the ISQL
>utility to test access to the (example) employee.fdb database and this
>was successful. I then attempted to use the D5 IBX database components
>to access the same database.
>The database, user name/password and filepath were the same as those
>used in the ISQL test however I received an "unavailable database"

If this is the package that shipped on the Delphi 5 CD then forget it. It
was written for InterBase 5 and was buggy anyway.

There is an updated version for D5 at CodeCentral which might or might not
work (since it was written for IB 6.x, is pretty ancient, and had some
hairy architectural problems). You need to be registered at CodeCentral,
but here's the link:

You're going to have some setup to do to have a chance at connecting to a
Fb 1.5 server with any connectivity stuff output by Borland. IBX (among
others) loads the client using a hard filename (gds32.dll) that has to be
in the system path. Hence, to simplify, you need a version of gds32.dll
that is compatible with both IBX *and* Fb 1.5.

The way to get this library (having first removed Borland's gds32.dll from
your system and application dirs, or renamed it) is to run the utility
program fbclient.exe, which you will find in the /bin dir of your Fb

Since this topic has been gone over and over and over in this list, just
read the how-to file for instructions on how to use fbclient.exe. You will
find this in your Fb \docs dir, as
README.Win32LibraryInstallation.txt. Take the option to install the
generated library in the system directory.

You only have to generate this file once. After that, if you are deploying
your IBX apps to remote clients, these clients just need a copy of the
generated file.

If there is a file named gds32.dll already in your Fb \bin dir then you're
in luck. It was generated for you by the installer. You only have to copy
it to the system dir.