Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connection errors
Author Faisal Abdullah
> I'm not sure I like this setup but I don't know the exact type of storage
> you are talking about. (not enough info). FB databases need to be stored on
> local drives - if this device is "mounted" then I remain suspicious.
> Alan

They are external scsi disk arrays, and configured with RAID 1. They
are not external storage mounted via network (with smb, nfs or the
like). They are however "mounted" because they do have an ext3

Thanks Alan, and Helen for your responses. I'm in the process of doing
a backup/restore now, and I've set the automatic sweep to on, as you
We'll see how it goes. I do have a strong feeling the application is
*very* badly written. I'll later see what can be done at the
application level.

Thanks for you help guys.