Subject Re: TcpRemoteBufferSize
Author gbehnke2000

you're right our architecture looks like you descriped:
Program --- ASTA-Client --- Intenet --- ASTA-Server --- Firebird-
Therefore in your case what do you think about writing a own
replicator ?
We spended a lot of time to find a way for increasing the speed
between our Clients and the db-server (this includes some compression
tools, too) and we coul'dnt find another solution as a
applicationsserver. So i think you have no other chances:
FB-Server on Laptop --- Replicator AppClient--- Intenet ---AppServer--
- FB-Server in company

Best regards


--- In, guido.klapperich@t... wrote:
> > The only things what changes the speed dramatically was the
> > uses of a applicationsserver. We use one of the ASTA technology
> > which is very stable and very
> > flexible.
> When I understood you right, your architecture looks like
> Program --- ASTA-Client --- Intenet --- ASTA-Server --- Firebird-
> But our replication-architecture looks like
> FB-Server on Laptop --- IBReplicator --- Intenet --- FB-Server in
> Because IBReplicator is a third-party-product, I don't know how to
> integrate ASTA in my architecture. Any ideas?
> Regards
> Guido