Subject Re: [firebird-support] please, urgent gbak dificulty..
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:37 PM 22/10/2004 -0200, you wrote:

>Can I restore all tables except ONE ??


>How the -O parameter works at

-o[ne_at_a_time] - restores one table at a time

>There are some null values in not null field and it deny me to
>restore the database.... Thanks... Daniel.

gbak -c -o -v d:\backups\MyDB.fbk d:\temp\MyScrapDb01.fdb

It will only get you up to the point where the error occurs. From the
-v[erify] output you will be able to tell which table is causing the
problem. Then you can go into the real database and update the problem
null fields to some default value. The restored database won't have any
data in it, past the bad table.

If you need to, you might also like to try a restore without restoring
validity constraints. This will give you all of your data, so you can mend
the bad table. Then you will have to run a script to reinstate the
validity constraints.

gbak -c -n -v d:\backups\MyDB.fbk d:\temp\MyScrapDb02.fdb

Do I need to tell you NOT to use the -r[eplace_database] switch? If you
already did so, and have trashed the database, then extract the metadata to
a file first:

gbak -x d:\data\MyDB.fdb > d:\scripts\MyDB.sql