Subject Re: [firebird-support] SERVER/process_packet: connection rejected
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:38 PM 22/10/2004 +0200, you wrote:

>I installed firebird- on Linux and use fb_inet_server (Classic).
>Each time i call gsec to add a new user I get the the following message in
>sysrai-linux Fri Oct 22 12:59:51 2004
> SERVER/process_packet: connection rejected for firebird
>sysrai-linux Fri Oct 22 12:59:51 2004
> SERVER/process_packet: connect reject, server exiting
>I can add a user,

You can't connect to a database that doesn't exist.

Use isql or a suitable third-party tool to create a database. Make sure
that the firebird user has OS read, write and execute permissions in the
subdir where you want to create the database.

>but cannot create a database after that.
>I asume that security.fdb is modified by the server and if the server exits
>it seems not logical that I can display the user using gsec.

With Classic, one instance of the server process is created for each
login. When you run gsec, the embedded client in the gsec program makes
the connection on behalf of the sysdba. An instance of the server runs for
as long as the command takes to execute. You need to provide the SYSDBA
user name and password, or, otherwise, be the root user (not recommended).

./gsec -add freddie -pw chopstix -user sysdba -password ty78uio4

./gsec -display

lists the names of all the users (so you should see SYSDBA and FREDDIE)

If you want to, you can use the gsec shell:

./gsec -u sysdba -password ty78uio4

GSEC> add johnnie -pw nepotist
GSEC> display
SYSDBA ... ...
FREDDIE ... ....
JOHNNIE .... ....
GSEC> quit

>The documentation of gsec is very limited to see what it does.

It doesn't do much. What's documented in the OpsGuide is all there
is. It's just a simple embedded application that gives access to the USERS
table in security.fdb and is capable of encrypting passwords.

./isql -user freddie -pas chopstix
Use CREATE or CONNECT to.....
SQL> create database /data/MyDb.fdb
CON> page_size 8192
CON> default character set ISO8859_1;
Database: /data/MyDB.fdb