Subject Limits
Author Louis Werth

AFAIK there is a 2GIG limit per table in Firebird, would this limit be
removed in future versions of firebird?. (Am I correct? Firebird 1.5.1)

We are planning to implement firebird at a potential client with about 2500
concurrent users over a WAN. I am using a middle tier (ASTA). My only
concern would be the images stored in the system. (We do compress the images
before saving to database)

I would also like to know if there is any successful implementations of this
magnitude running on Firebird. Our client needs to know (and for our

I've been working with interbase - firebird for abount 6 years now and would
not want to move away to other DB's. Knowing that someone else runs
succsessfully on something this big will make my decision of databases

Our approximate totals:
500 Tables
550 Triggers
Our biggest Client's DB size is approx 3.5 GIG. (Not that big). This is
running about 40 concurrent users over a period of 5 years.

Approximately 72 000 000 transactions per year.