Subject Re: to run firebird in linux current user login
Author kartinku
thanks for your suggestion. But we need to run Fb server as a an
seperate application but with in ur application installation directory.
Is it not possible to run ./fbserver by normal user. If so , is the
re any reason for having such a restriction.


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> kartinku wrote:
> >
> > I think you don't have got my query. I need to bundle firebird DB
> >along with my application say Payroll application. I will package this
> >application (as a tar.gz) with firebird DB. When user (in current user
> >login) extracts the tar firebird DB also should get extracted with
> >application.
> > And when the application is started in current user login , my
> >application will check whether firebird DB is running in the m/c . If
> >not it will start firebird by calling ./fbserver.
> >
> > But currently ./fbserver can be started by user with login name of
> >firebird or root user. It is not possible for current user. Since my
> >application can be started my anyuser , I need to start fbserver in
> >any login.
> >
> > I don't prefer to install firebird as a service. Since my
> >application is an tar and I don't like to install firebird as an
> >service. I like to install firebird as an apllication only.
> >
> >S.Karthick
> >
> >
> If your app wil be single user, I think you could take a look on
> engine.
> see you !
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