Subject Re: [firebird-support] why msvcp60.dll , msvcr.dll is packaged in windows
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:10 AM 21/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>Dear Members ,
>In order to incoporate an fix in firebird (multi
>connection meta data iupdate). I am in the process of
>building firebird in my environment.
>In default firebird windows distriibution there are
>two dlls , namely msvcrt.dll

Wndows C runtime

>, msvcp60.dll

Windows C++ runtime

><firebird>/bin. Kindly tell me what is the purpose of
>this dlls,

Just in case they are needed. They are not standard in some Windows
installations. And those particular versions won't necessarily run on all
versions of Windows, either. If you're interested in risk-reduction, it
would be advisable to search the MSN site regarding compatibility.

>I have locally built firebird with MS7.0. During
>that process firebird scripts (.iss ) tries to bundle
>msvcrt.dll and msvcp70.dll. Do I need to bundle those
>dlls along with firebird.

The runtimes are needed but, if you know that your sites' server and
workstations has them, and that they are compatible with your software,
then you don't need to bundle them.

>What is the need for those dlls when builing firebird in MS7.0.

You still need the C runtime but I suppose you ought to check whether
msvcp60.dll has been superseded by a "msvcp70.dll". See what the SDK

Presumably you plan to test your special build before deploying,
anyway. At least you'll want to verify that the Firebird developers were
telling you lies about your "fix" being unsound. Just don't call it
Firebird, will you?