Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to create a database over a UNC path?
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:34 AM 20/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>Sorry if this post is naive or redundant. I am new
>to Firebird.
>We are having trouble creating a database on a drive
>described by a UNC path. Firebird is not installed
>over a UNC path, but we would like to keep the database
>itself on a Network Appliance box for ease of backup, etc.
>I have searched the newsgroups, etc. a bit, and it sounds
>like this is unsupported. The most relevant posts I found
>However, what we want to do seems like a fairly normal
>thing for a database to support, so I wanted to make sure
>whether this is supported or not.

It's not supported. A database must exist on storage that is directly
attached to the Firebird server host. The pathname must be the absolute
path as seen by the server host.

[long snip]

>Is there any way to do this over a UNC path?
>If so, any advice would be appreciated.

No. Welcome to a brave new world where Microsoft doesn't rule.

Your options with a database on a Windows server are network
protocol-related. TCP/IP is recommended but you can also use Windows named
pipes. In no case can you connect to a mapped drive or a share.

For example, if the server's name is MyServer, and the database is in
c:\databases, then a TCP/IP connection using the default port looks like this:


A named pipes connection looks like this:

A local client can also use TCP/IP local loopback (recommended):


Or, if the server is the Superserver (fbserver.exe) a local client can use
the IPServer local connect (usually OK for DBA utilities, not recommended
for user apps other than Embedded Server apps), by simply using the path:


If you really hate your database, and want to kill it, you can set a
configuration option in firebird.conf that allows you to connect to a
network location. This config has a highly limited use: it's possible to
create a read-only database. In that case, it will be a lot harder to kill
the database.