Subject Re: [firebird-support] Autonumeric columns
Author Miroslav Penchev
On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 14:25:29 -0500, Flores José
<jflores@...> wrote:

> Miroslav:
> So this mean that I will have one trigger and one generator for every
> table
> with an auto-increment column.


> What system table holds generator's values?.

There is a system table RDB$GENERATORS, but you will not need it in your

> I have a lot to learn,

I strongly recomment you IBExpert - excelent tool for IB/Firebird with
lots of features. (My personal opinion is that it is the best DB admin and
develop tool I ever saw in my practice).
With IBExpert all work around triggers and generators to simulate IDENTITY
is done by clicking on two check boxes ;).

> things like that I can create triggers with BEFORE
> clause, sounds good, I didn't see that at Mssql.

Yea, I know ;) it is great feature of IB/Firebird. I have a lot of hours
spended to solve my problems in MSSQL without BEFORE triggers.

> And, thanks to Paul Beach for recommending Helen's book, here it is and
> I'm
> waiting for it:
> ?%5Fencoding=UTF8
> <
> 5?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance> &v=glance

You can start with IB 6 documentation til you get the book.

Miroslav Penchev