Subject Re: [firebird-support] Possible solution to low selectivity index and Foreing keys trouble?
Author German Pablo Gentile
Arno Brinkman wrote:

>Because Firebird is developed/maintained with the idea to be as much
>self-tuning as possible. I think a index should always be created, but
>currently there are performance problems (many duplicates) due the way the
>indexes are designed internally in the system. Also the optimizer doesn't do
>his job good enough sometimes. The slow index stuff on duplicates will be
>fixed in the Firebird 2.0 release, so that's already good start and i'm sure
>the optimizer will follow.
>All IMO of course :)
>Arno Brinkman
Arno, i know you are the one i have to talk of this.
I see a Firebird 2.0 Beta released by a brazilian site.
The 2.0 code already have that modifications to test?