Subject Re: [firebird-support] msvcp60.dll problems with client only install
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:59 AM 17/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I have been trying to create a client only install for my app using
>the line firebird-
>win32.exe /silent /nogds32 /components="clientComponent"
>My delphi based app is using fbclient.dll.
>However, when I try and run the app on a client machine running
>windows 2000 i get the errors:
> msvcp60.dll could not be found in c:\program files\...
> gds32.dll not installed
>Should I just add the msvcp60.dll files to my setup? I notice that
>the Firbird book shows them being added for a manual client setup.
>Why should i get the gds32.dll? My app runs fine without it on a

If it's the same application code, then check on the standalone machine,
whether you have a gds32.dll in your system directory. If so, rename it
and try to run your app afterwards. If you can't rename it, then you
already have it loaded and won't be able to rename it until you reboot the

msvcp60.dll wouldn't have been on your Win2K machine unless you had
previously installed an application or utility, e.g. Norton Pro, that
installed it sliently. It's the M$ C++ runtime. It needs to go into the
system directory, along with fbclient.dll renamed as gds32.dll (for IBO) or
regenerated (using the fbclient.exe program) as gds32.dll (for IBX).

Alternatively, the transmogrified gds32.dll can go directly into the
application directory.