Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] VACUUM
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:10 AM 15/10/2004 +0200, you wrote:

> > > Hi, is there a way to vacuum or reorganise tables?
> > Reclaiming unused spaced is done automatically by the "Garbage

Actually, not altogether. GC will release space that was occupied by old
record versions back to the database, for subsequent re-use for new
versions of records belonging to the same table. GC does not perform this
task for space that was occupied by records that have been deleted. Use
sweep for that.

> This is the same thing that "VACUUM" on an PostgreSQL database
>does perform.

Judging by the semantic similarity of the words "sweep" and "vacuum", and
the fact that PG copied MGA from Firebird/IB, I'd guess that sweep is the
closest thing. Possibly PG doesn't do any other sort of GC.