Subject Fwd: Re: [Firebird-devel] link/Doc for building firebird , Linux
Author karthick srini
Since in previous mail forwarded mail don't has got
attached properly I am pasting it herewith inline ,

Dear Marius popa and Members,

Thanks for your help. "make install" call installs
firebird DB itself.
My requirement is to generate
firebird-1.5.1.XXX.tar.gz(same like the one hosted in

So I modified
src/install/arch-specific/linux/ as below

#included below in buildTarDir: to create FB.tar.gz

(cd $(GEN_ROOT); tar -C $(TarDir) -czf FB.tar.gz .

install: buildTarDir
#commented installion of DB by default
#(cd $(GEN_ROOT)/$(TarDir); ./
#cp -r $(GEN_ROOT)/$(DebugDir)/* /

Above changes don't has created firebird DB
installion as I required. But tar creation does not
take effect and it has thrown some errors. If you have
makefile as of my requirement / or if you know how to
achieve my requirement please do help me.

Thanks & regards,

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