Subject Re: [firebird-support] SMP + Hyperthreading
Author Daniel Rail

At October 14, 2004, 14:12, Pablo León wrote:

> I have a dual Xeon machine running fb super server 1.5.1 on smp linux
> 2.4.6. This machine is serving an intensive client/server database
> application.

> When I do a 'top' command, I get a process fbserver with 99.9% cpu
> usage. However, all four cpu's show about 70% of idle states.

I'd guess that this is as expected. Firebird uses it's own thread
scheduler. Although, I don't know about the NPTL build. If your
linux kernel supports NPTL, you might want to try the NPTL build.

> How can I increase my server performance? How can I push fbserver to use
> more cpu power? Should I disable Hyperthreading? Any kernel compilation
> parameter recommendation?

Other than trying the NPTL build, if you can, I recommend using
Classic Server, instead of Superserver.

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