Subject Re: Update RDB$INDICES
Author David Montgomery
> David,
> > I'm using FB1.5 for Linux.
> >
> > Is is possible (or desirable) to perform:
> >
> Theoretically yes, but practically no. ;-)
> First of all, updating the system tables directly when there is
> an equivalent DDL statement, is a bad thing.
> And second, you've to activate the indices in the right order.
> For instance, you've to activate an index of a primary key
> constraint before activating an index used in a foreign key
> which refers to that primary key.
> Rearrange these statements manually and execute that
> script against your database.


I couldn't agree with you more! I just posted to the list regarding
my "excitement" earlier today trying to bring my database back from
the dead.

Thanks so much-

David Montgomery