Subject Re: [firebird-support] Changing column type
Author Milan Babuskov
Rick DeBay wrote:
> I need to change a column from varchar to decimal. Is there a simple
> way to do this?

> Dropping and reading the column would be VERY difficult, as there are
> dozens of views and SP that depend on that column, either directly or
> indirectly.

You could update the system tables. It's a little be tricky but doable.
There are tools that can do it for you, like IBExpert (I haven't tried
with DBWorkbench, but I suppose it can do it too). I recommend backing
up the database before you do it. After you do it, do a backup and
restore. If restore doesn't fail, then you did it.

You could also dump database schema to sql file, change to column,
create empty database, and pump the data.

Milan Babuskov