Subject Re: Database page error after migrating to 1.5
Author tdtappe
> Let me see if I understand what happened. You're seeing corruption
> on one of 50 databases.


> Are all the databases backed up every night?


> Do all the databases have identical schemas?

Yes, mostly.
Let's say 40 DBs have almost identical schemas.

> Have all the databases been migrated from 1.0 to 1.5?


> Did you backup and restore the databases as part of the migration?

But error occurs with already migrated and functional database.

> Are you still using Dialect 1 on all databases?


> How many times has this happened? Is there any pattern to
> its happening?

This happens twice so far. And the migration took place one and
a half week before.

> >And I am still thinking about InterClient as a possible problem
> >Why? The affected database is the ONLY database which is accessed
> >via "standard" client interface AND InterClient.

See my other posting: I found out about another gds_lock_mgr instance
running on the server. Started by the InterClient server.
But why? InterClient seems to hard coded access files
in /opt/interbase !? If I delete those files InterClient doesn't work.

> >A simple gfix -m ..., gbak -b -g ..., gbak -c cures the database.
> The problem with a "simple" gfix -m is that you may well be
> losing data.

Yes, I know :-(

> Looking at your errors....

And do you think that another running instance of gds_lock_mgr may
corrupt a database in the above way?