Subject Re: Database page error after migrating to 1.5
Author tdtappe
> Is it possible that cron is using the wrong version of gbak?

gbak is the one of FB version 1.5

> >Here is some excerpt from the log file:
> >
> >...
> >
> Ann's the one who can usually come up with clues based on these

ANN! Please help!!!
I think she needs to wake up first ;-)

> Some questions of interest....
> What is the character set of the database? Is it the same in the
java client?

The character set of the database is iso8859_1
The java client is set to 8859_1 as well.

> When you backed up the "old" and restored the "new", what ODS,
> character set were you coming from?

old ODS: FB 1.0
(is it 10? But we always used old gbak to backup and new gbak to
dialect: 1
character set: iso8859_1

But what I just found out is that InterClient still seems to use some
old stuff in the "old" /opt/interbase directory!
When I delete these files InterClient refuses to work.
This directory seems to be hard coded because there is no config
telling him where to look for this stuff!?
And because another instance of gds_lock_mgr is startet I am not
surprised to get a corrupted database.

I think I really have to update our java app to use JayBird.
Hopefully not so much work.