Subject Re: Sample Constraint between Parent-Child tables
Author Namit Nathwani
Hi Helen

At 01:13 pm 13/10/2004, you wrote:
>create table master (
>create table detail (
>Note, there are other ways to add constraints, too. Most people create the
>"bare" tables first, commit them, then add the constraints using ALTER TABLE.


>As for "to be done in Marathon" - hmm, you don't really seem to understand
>how SQL works.

I know the basics but I do not have the hand on experience with command
line. I have written many SELECT statements but have not really managed a
database using SQL

>Have you considered equipping yourself with the IB6 Language Reference and

I have saved the web page from IBPhoenix SQL Statement and Function Reference.

>perhaps googling for some other SQL documentation?

I will try that. Thanks.

>It's going to be
>between "difficult" and "impossible" for you to work with an SQL database
>system if you don't know SQL.

These utils are good, Marathon, FlameRobin (alpha yet) they get the basics
done, atleast. I am still comparatively a starter with FireBird and still
have to publish full blown app in it. So that is why I end up with such
basic queries.

Thanks a lot for helping my with this and my previous posts.

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