Subject Re: Database page error after migrating to 1.5
Author tdtappe
> I can't *advise* but WHY are you trying to use Interclient with
> It's totally unsupported.

It's an old application we use since Interase 5.0.
But as I am writing this we try to switch our app to JayBird and see
what happens.
But do you think that using old InterClient can cause this corruption?
I think Firebird should not allow clients to corrupt a database.
And I can't think of a way how to achieve this.

> Try going to the firebird-java list (where the Jaybird crowd hangs
out), describe your plight and ask for advice there.

Yes. I will. Might be a good idea.

> >A few more crashes and my boss is going to kill me :-(
> Isn't that illegal?

Might be the case down under.
Here, as an employee, you don't have any rights ;-)

> ./hb

Thanks Helen,