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Everything I find says that Navision works with either MS-SQL-Server or Navision's
own "proprietary" database that does seem to have at least some features in common with
Interbase/Firebird (careful writes, transaction isolation of some sort.) I'm not seeing any
indication that they might be using one of these internally though. Sources say it costs the same
amount regardless of which back-end you use, so they're certainly not providing their proprietary
database system for free. Our accounting department uses Navision with SQL-Server (as of this year -
- they were using the proprietary one the previous year, and I've no idea why they switched.)


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Subject: [firebird-support] OT: M$Navision & Firebird

> Hi All
> A potential client uses a Microsoft product called Navision. I got a
> peek at a configuration screen and the database file had a .fdb
> extension.
> The product notes from Microsoft had these plus points:
> "Navision Database Server is also easy to set up and configure. It
> doesn't require a lot of maintenance or expensive hardware. You do
> not need a dedicated person maintaining it. Once the server is
> installed, you can leave it alone, let it go to work and focus on
> your business."
> "Built into the database is a version principle, which allows people
> to generate correct reports without locking other users out of the
> database."
> Are you thinking what I am thinking? Can anyone confirm that a
> Microsoft product uses Firebird?
> Dave
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