Subject Re: What BLOB to use for RTF data
Author Namit Nathwani
Hi Helen

Thanks for responding.

At 01:14 pm 12/10/2004, you wrote:
>Fb doesn't care - all blobs are binary as far as the engine is
>concerned. However, there's an inbuilt filter that lets sub_type 1 (or
>sub_type text, if you prefer) be output in a byte-encoding that receiving
>applications recognise as characters.

In fact there are lot of fields I am using as sub-type 0 for text data and
they seem to be working well in VFP.

>You could store RTF as sub_type 0 or 1. (Sub_type 2 is an internal filter,
>I think it stores BLR). Your application has to know what to do with it,
>of course. It doesn't magically pop up somewhere as pretty text. People
>normally pass RTF data into an RTF editor.

<g> No actually I have classes in place in VFP to do the job and I have a
VFP app using VFP data where I have been able to successfully use and store
RTF, so I was assuming that all the previous work will work for Remote
views of FB tables.

Actually what I am expected to do in VFP is get the data from blob, store
it in a, the edit box is supposed to be bound to this, all work is done in, and on exiting the edit
box I am to replace the data back into the RV.

That sums it up but what is happening that the field remains NULL before
and after.

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