Subject RE: [firebird-support] Returning values from INSERT
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Thomas
> In other words, do it all in one procedure? :-( I don't think I
> can do that.
> I receive an SMS message. The first part of the message is what
> is inserted
> in the above procedure. The second part of the message contains
> binary data
> that must be decoded before it is inserted into the DB. Furthermore, the
> second part of the data contains multiple records, each of which "belong"
> to the "first" part of the message.
> So I only want to call the first procedure once. The second
> procedure gets
> called 1 or many times.
> Thanks
> Tim

so just get the gen value for the first insert,
call the first SP with that gen value,
do other stuff,
call the second SP with the same gen value