Subject Re: Database page error after migrating to 1.5
Author tdtappe
> But inconsistent page chains aren't caused by bad user data. For
> look for traumatic causes: a dying hard disk, someone running a
> backup while the database is active, someone using Winzip to copy
an active
> database, yada yada yada, someone connecting to the database during
> -r[eplace] restore.

I am very very sure that nobody accessed the database in any way when
it was migrated to 1.5
But I am not sure about the dying hard disk.
But I will check now for any problems in that area.

> Given the recent history of 5/6 days running under a restored
database, I'd
> be suspicious about the health of the disk. Did you do a scandisk
> restoring the transportable backup into 1.5?

No, to be honest.
But I never had a broken structure on a linux box before!

> Is this a multi-file database?