Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 1.5.1 sucking all memory - Problem found
Author Alan McDonald
> I think I have narrowed down to the root cause of problem. After
> doing testing for whole of sunday and today, I found that stored
> procedures are creating problem. I ran a perl scripts, which
> continously calls two SPs. One of those SP does an insert into a
> table.
> When I do an insert from within the stored procedure, it reached
> 135MB in 20 minutes. But when I remove that insert from SP, and
> execute the same insert from the perl script, it reached 43MB in 20
> minutes.
> My application uses stored procedure for all queries and updates. So
> before I jump into modifying my app where it will not do any
> insert/updates in SPs, I will appriciate if some expert can give me
> some more ideas.
> Gurus please hep me !!!!
> JS

is the insert in the SP locked in some loop?
let's see the SP code?