Subject Re: Re: RE: [firebird-support] help me!
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:36 PM 11/10/2004 +0800, you wrote:

> Which library I am using is of IB 7

You have a remote client trying to connect to a database that is running
under a Fb 1.5 Superserver, using a client library designed to connect
locally to an Interbase 7 Classic server? It's not too surprising that you
are having trouble.

>and of FB 1.5 .

What kind of installation did you perform, that the client library is not
being loaded through the symbolic link? (Maybe this is something particular to the NPTL seems a bit
suspicious to me...)

Would it be too much to suggest that you start again with a clean NPTL
install using the RPM kit, if that was not what you did already? ("clean"
= get rid of all Firebird and IB artifacts!!) You can't mix-and-match
Firebird with Interbase. And, if you installed from the tarball, there are
scripts you need to run to put all the pieces into's not
recommended for newbies, if it can be avoided.