Subject RE: [firebird-support] SUM, group by
Author Planles
> try
> > select Field1,Field2, Field3,
> > SUM(Field4) as SField4,
> > SUM(Field5) as SField5,
> > SUM(Field6) as SField6
> > from TABLE
> > group by Field1, field2, field3

Thanks for all answers.
Is this the fact, that there should be all selected fields, which are not
SUM, included in group by ?

I'm asking that, because in my example Field2 and Field3 are the same for
each different Field1.
Maybe my last sentence is not well written, so this example should tell

Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4 ...
el1 a1 b1 2
el2 a2 b2 5
el3 a3 b3 3
el2 a2 b2 1
el3 a3 b3 8
el1 a1 b1 1

And the result:
Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4 ...
el1 a1 b1 3
el2 a2 b2 6
el3 a3 b3 11

Each time Field1 is "el1", Field2 is "a1" and Field3 is "b1".

Because of that I'm comfused, why it should be all 3 fields included in
group by.
Is that just, because "group by" works this way?

Thanks in advance for the explanation.