Subject Re: Using IBEvents.
Author Ross
Hi Gerson,

I am a amateur so what I am about to say may not make sense or is so
basic you would have probably done it already...

I was interested in using events so that I would not have to keep
polling the database using a timer. So I added an event to a trigger
in the database below:

if (new.event_type = 'A') then
post_event 'New_Event_Added';

And I added a IBEvent component to the delphi application and used
the OnEventAlert handler like

if EventName = 'New_Event_Added' then

Also for the Events (TStrings property of the IBEvent component) I
added the name of the event in there as well.

Hope it helps in the least

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> I put in my Delphi 7 application and Firebird 1.5 (4481) the events
> mensage, like:
> "
> l#10"
> ntrol#10
> I registrered my component events in my FormShow like:
> IBEvents1.Registered := true;
> And test my application and nothing happened, what you sugests.
> Tks
> Gerson Machado
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