Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: ib6 slow connection is window server 2003
Author Martin Dew
I currently do not have firebird installed on this machine !! :( ( I
know, the shame !)

You need to get into firebirds config settings and make sure that the
Affinity Mask setting is 1 ( I think ). Check the config settings and
you should see this.

If I am wrong I am sure one of the FB regulars will correct me, and if
it is already set to only use 1 CPU then apologies for suggesting
something that obviously will not help.

Explanation- I have an install of IB6 currently, and there is a small
tool that you can run called IB_Affinity -a1 which sets the process to
have an affinity of the first CPU, in my machine I have a dual
processors with hyperthreading enabled inside my O/S (winxp) so, I do
not want interbase to try and run on anything other than 1 cpu as in
some circumstances it can slow down its operational processing. I think
the FB developers superbly added similar functionality into the core of
FB so that in the config file you simply give it an affinity mask and FB
handles pinning it to one CPU atomatically.



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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: ib6 slow connection is window server

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> I find that if I do not set the ib_affinity mask to a single cpu
> that it does not try and use the hyperthreaded cpu) it takes a long
> while to disconnect and connect, however if I set the ib_affinity
> to a single processor it connects much quicker. Just my findings.
> Martin
Hi Martin

Where and how do I do that?


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