Subject AW: [firebird-support] 1.5.1 CS for Linux with xinetd
Author Steffen Heil

> After a while my buggy application managed to get xinetd to restart the
gds_db service for too many open connections.
> when xinetd allows client connections again, ALL of the previous
connections remain open on the server..
> I would expect the existing connetions to get dropped/killed when this

You seem to see xinetd as some kind of service manager like ssc for windows.
Thats not true. xinetd is a process launcher.

When a tcp connection to a port is established, xinetd lauches the matching
Thats it. The application has nothing more to do with xinetd.

As classic server handles each connection in a separate process, it will not
disconnect old connections when restarting single ones. Old connections
without clients will time out and will then be closed.

However, you can propably archieve what you want using super server, which
is anyway more resourcesaving than classic server when used with many

> I can't remember if Firebird automatically cleans these up after a certain
period of inactivity.

Not, if the client is still alive, but if the client is down and the tcp
connection times out, there is nothing to do for the server process any more
and it will terminate.


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