Subject Re: [firebird-support] DECLARE MyCursor CURSOR
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Take a look at FB Roadmap to see what you can expect:

Re-implementation of cursor syntax in PSQL
Proposed Release: 2.0

Completed by Dmitry Yemanov, this syntax re-implements the dormant
cursor syntax for positioned updates in PSQL. Existing code using the
older implementation is still supported.

Thanks Helen for the "AS CURSOR" mention. I missed that - your book
didn't arrive here yet.

FireBase -

RM> Carlos,

RM> When it is implemented, will I be able to put the DECLARE, OPEN in one
RM> stored procedure, the FETCH in another stored procedure, and CLOSE in yet
RM> another? Something I should be able to do since the named CURSOR remains
RM> live until specifically CLOSEd.

RM> Regards,

RM> Robert