Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Service Problem
Author Daniel L. Miller
Roberto Melo Cavalcante wrote:

>Hi everybody!
>I'm in charge of research about firebird. We intend to give up oracle
>and we're studing Firebird for this purpose.
>Our database has about 9Gb and we make heavy use of views, triggers
>instead of, functions and stored procedures.
>We have about 120 concurrent conections to our database with medium to
>large transactions.
>We wrote this e-mail to obtain from this community the overall felling
>about such transition. Do you recommend it? Do you think Firebird is
>good enough for this kind of task? (considering the amount of database
>space and concurrent accesses)
>Another reason regards to availability of the service. Does firebird
>must appear as service listening to the 3050 port?
>We have it installed in gentoo machine and so far we haven't see 3050
>service available on machine. We do connect locally, but not from
>another machine. We have read the docs that come with it and all
>connection strings seem needing a kind of file server service to "serve"
>the database file. Is this correct? Can't I just make it be available
>through a service port just as oracle or PostgreSQL does?
>Thank you for any consideration you can give.
You may also want to investigate fyracle -