Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database file in mapped drive
Author Daniel Rail

At October 6, 2004, 07:14, lsbtreis wrote:

> Because it´s a network storage.

And if you read about NAS, you'll also see that it's not really
recommended for databases.

Here's a paragraph that I found:
[Start quote...]
NAS systems generally support multiple operating systems and are
directly accessible by heterogeneous clients via the LAN. Media can
usually be replaced or added in these systems without impact to the
network or application servers. NAS systems are highly suitable for
most applications except high bandwidth video and larger, multi-user
database applications, which will can bottleneck the LAN and slow the
overall NAS appliance performance with TCP/IP overhead.
[...End Quote]

And, here's the link to the whole document(watch the wrap):

And, even MS-SQL doesn't seem to support NAS, but it does support SAN,
with a warning(multiple fiber optic connections for fast access and
redundancy in case one connection fails). Here's the reference for

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