Subject RE: **SPAM** [firebird-support] Re: Database file in mapped drive
Author Johan van Zyl
What is wrong with\Firebird\data\ourdb.fdb
if is the IOP address of the "other machine"?

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Subject: **SPAM** [firebird-support] Re: Database file in mapped drive

In our system there is only one process opening the database. We
were thinking of storing the file in a disc in other machine and
accessing it by a mapped drive just for security reasons. What are
the riscs of doing this ( for the risk-affine people :-) )?

--- In, Elmar Haneke <elmar@h...>
> > I was reading the documentation of Firebird and found that it is
> > possible to use network mapped drives to hold the database file.
> > this true? If it's true can you explain me why? I'm using
Windows XP
> > with Firebird 1.5.1.
> It does not make any sense to place the database on an mapped
> since Firebird does not support "peer-to-peer-networking": Only
> process can open the database simultaneously.
> There is an config-option (for the risk-affine people) to allow DB
> files on mapped drives.
> Elmar

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