Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anyone using FIBPlus with Firebird 1.5?
Author Myles Wakeham
> On 05-Oct-2004 14:45:58, Aage Johansen wrote:
> Myles Wakeham wrote:
> > I was curious if any Delphi 7 developers on the list had used FIBPlus
> > Firebird 1.5. We have a developer who is working with us, and he wants
> > use FIBPlus, although my experience with Firebird and Delphi is with
> > IBObjects. Is there any advantages or disadvantages in using FIBPlus
> > instead of IBObjects with Firebird 1.5 & Delphi 7?
> >
> Probably no advantage at all.
> If you (and others at your workplace) are already using IBO you should -
> IMO - keep to IBO. Is there a good reason to use both component sets when

> each one is good enough - I don't think so.

Do you see any disadvantages if we completely switch over to FIBPlus for our
Delphi/Firebird development? We haven't gone too far with IBObjects at this
stage to be negatively impacted if we switch over. However this developer
is experienced enough that I would prefer to work with his preferences.


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