Subject RE: [firebird-support] Possible bug with CHECK constraint
Author George P Boutwell
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> So we have long-standing code, written before the 92 standard and
> widely used that doesn't follow the standard. What to do?

I know 'greater minds' than my own are probably working on this but a few
things did come to mind right away:

1) Separate 'architecture' like SS and Classic, but intended to be 92
standards compliant. Existing 'architectures' continue with their
non-standard behavior, people can install both, port their apps over as they
have the time and resources to do so, with proper testing and all.

Obviously this one adds more maintenance, complexity, and other issues to
the already exiting 'architectures', builds, releases, bug handling, qa,

2) Hate to think about it, but another SQL Dialect.

This approach has some of the same reasons as the #1 and some of the same
issues as #1, too. Not sure, I got the general sense the SQL Dialects
weren't too popular and regarded as a poor way to have approached the

3) 92 standards compliance should be something folks intend to achieve. It's
for the greater good and it makes good programming, business, & common
sense, so implement it and generally folks will be glad you did. Provide
tools and documentation on how best to avoid and/or find and fix whatever
might break from the difference.

This would only work if the tools and documentation was provided earlier
than the release of the standards compliant version, and if those tools and
Documentation where really well done.

Obviously not an all inclusive list and I'm sure folks closer to the
project can think of other perhaps better ways of accomplishing this. Just
thought I would throw my muddling out into the void and move on.
Personally, I don't like any of the solutions I've outlined, but #3 to me
would be preferable to the other to. But that's for me and not for

Thanks for the great work you and the Firebird Team do,


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