Subject RE: [firebird-support] Problem with DB migration 1.0 -> 1.5
Author Alan McDonald
> I am just testing the migration of our customers databases from fb
> 1.0.3 to 1.5.1
> And so far almost everything seems to work like a charm.
> But there are these nasty little columns called "RELEASE" in our
> database.
> And that's why we run into errors when trying to access these columns.
> And because we still use dialect 1, I don't have the possibility to
> just double quote these identifiers :-(
> Is there a way to avoid this problem without having to "adjust" our
> application?
> --Heiko

so RELEASE was not a reserved word in FB1.0.3 but it is in FB1.5.1..?
If that's the case then there is nothing you can do. A dialect change won't
help you.
You'll need to change the column name or double quote them whichever you
think is easier.
I would imainge your client app will suffer a lot of work too.