Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Custom RI was Re: Possible bug with CHECK constraint
Author German Pablo Gentile
Steffen Heil wrote:

>>create index cfk_idbomba on despachado(idbomba, pk)
>That will not be a low selectivity index, because it contains the PK!
Maybe the solution for that *amazing* firebird feature, can be allow a
special kind of foreign keys , allowing defineit with the primary key
field of master table and the foreign key field.In that way, the forign
key will not have a low selectivity. I know is not standard, but i cant
imagine another solution without touck the leys strucuture (and i guess
it will be a lot of work, and debug).

Anyway, nobody have that kind of trouble before? How they solve that? I
can imagine they solve with triggers,index etc. In a medium complexity
DB is a lot of undesirable stuff to mantain and check and can be a great
source of bugs!