Subject Custom RI was Re: Possible bug with CHECK constraint
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:57 AM 3/10/2004 -0300, you wrote:

> >
>That is what i need, and still waiting a simple answer. I will delete my
>FK in the already knowed *troublematic* table, but i don know how to
>replace my referential integrity with constraints o triggers.
>Please asomebody give me a hand!

Perhaps somebody will...but do not hijack other people's threads.

>Helen tell me * is so easy* but ask noon of my three messages about that.

Yes, it is easy. If you can write a Before trigger, then you can write
what is required to implement RI. You know your data; I don't. For the
first one you attempt, do what you do with any programming task: write a
specification, starting with "What do I want to achieve?"

Then code it.

After that, use your code as a boilerplate for any other custom RI you need
to implement.