Subject Re: Slow connect/disconnect on Win 2003 Server
Author gbehnke2000

we use W2003 Server Standard Edition with FB 1.5.1 without any
Problems regarding to the connection speed (it's very fast and needs
less then on second). The only problem that we have is our number of
concurrent user which consume more memory than is available on a
W2003 Server (we need more then 3GByte RAM). Therefore we changed to
W2003 Enterprise Server with two Processor's and 6GByte RAM. To get
benefits from the 2 Processor's we changed also to FB Classic Server.
We have more then 200 concurrent users on one machine and it works
fine and fast.
Coming back to your problem we had some times a problem with our wins-
server. Did you try to put the IP-Adress in the connection string
instead of the Server-Name? For example:\DB\Name.gdb instead of Servername:c:\DB\Name.gdb


--- In, "Kevin Stanton"
<Kevin.Stanton@R...> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I apologize if this has been discussed recently.
> A client of mine has just installed the above server and I loaded
FB 1.03 on
> it.
> All is great except for the connect time, used to be about 3-5
seconds, now
> it's a full 30 seconds.
> Gives my customer a bit of a bad impression: buy a new server and
it slows
> down. After they connect, all is fine and quite fast.
> Any ideas for a quicker connect/disconnect would be greatly
> Kevin